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  • History of Social Media

    Chelo Gutiérrez Docente

    • 1 lo usan
    • 1207 visitas

    I produced this video to summarize how online communication as evolved over the last 20 years. It's a video time line, which is also featured on my company's...

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  • Women's history timeline | Recurso educativo 74219

    Women's history timeline

    Tiching explorer Organización

    • 3 lo usan
    • 3320 visitas

    Interactive resource that allows us to explore the historical icons of Women's history. It contains biographies of important women through history, and quizzes to check our comprehension.

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  • History Tours - home

    Rosa Iturbe Docente

    • 2 lo usan
    • 3216 visitas

    Welcome to History Tours: Where History, Geography, and Technology Meet

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  • The Background to History | Recurso educativo 44247

    The Background to History

    Tiching explorer Organización

    • 1 lo usan
    • 5406 visitas

    Funny song by Monty Python

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  • Reading: History of Snowboarding | Recurso educativo 20566

    Reading: History of Snowboarding

    Tiching explorer Organización

    • 1 lo usan
    • 8492 visitas

    The resource contains a text about the history of snowboarding. We read about this sport, and practice grammar tenses: past simple, present perfect, present simple and present continuous.

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  • Summaries - Ancient History | Recurso educativo 570819

    Summaries - Ancient History

    EduBook Organización

    • 2257 visitas

    1. Pre-Roman people: the Celts During the first millennium BC the Celts, a tribe from central Europe, lived in the north and centre of the Iberian Peninsula. Their main characteristics were: They were a…

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  • History: Renaissance for Kids | Recurso educativo 675846

    History: Renaissance for Kids

    V&V Books Vicens Vives Organización

    • 1 lo usan
    • 1896 visitas

    Kids learn about the events and timeline of the European Renaissance in history. A rebirth in science, art, philosophy, and literature.

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  • Women's history: Teacher resources | Recurso educativo 74459

    Women's history: Teacher resources

    Tiching explorer Organización

    • 1 lo usan
    • 3041 visitas

    Resource consisting of a website which contains interesting links connected to the International Women's Day and permits us discover, for instance, who were the leaders in U.S. Women's Suffrage Movement.

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  • Introduction - Ancient History | Recurso educativo 570820

    Introduction - Ancient History

    EduBook Organización

    • 1915 visitas

    Ancient history began in about 4000 BC when writing was invented. About the year 1000 BC, two different tribes called the Iberians and the Celts lived on the Iberian Peninsula. In the year 218 BC, the…

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  • Periods of history | Secuencia didáctica 570745

    Periods of history

    EduBook Organización

    • 1813 visitas

    History is the story of the past. We study history to learn about what humans did and how they lived many wears ago. History helps us understand how our ancestors lived and how we evolved. Human history…

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